Trust is good, control better!

As the magazine Chip, citing the DPA, currently reports that international investigators have convicted a group of olive oil deceivers. On a large scale, soya and sunflower oils were manipulated in color and sold as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Every year the fraudsters have earned millions with this fraud. Food fraud is a profitable business model and superficial regulations and controls make it easy for scammers.

German-language article:

Maxfry® NIR spectroscopy gives importers and traders a quick, inexpensive, and highly reliable tool to not unknowingly become the accomplice of the fraudsters. Olive oil samples can be quickly checked for authenticity, identity, quality and geographic origin. The full analysis does not cost more than 150 € (net). Maxfry® Olive Oil Screening is the best way to build up ailing consumer confidence and make it harder for criminal groups to work.

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