Trans fatty acids

the legal limit comes

Im Hintergrund unscharf Schmalzgebäck, im Vordergrund eine Modelldarstellung einer Fettsäure in Trans-Stellung

Recently, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has confirmed the intention of the European Commission to set a legally binding trans fatty acid limit. Based on the results of the impact assessment study, this limit will be max. 2g / 100g fat in consumer products. In this way, the dietary recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture should be adhered to in any case. The recommendation is max. 1% TFA of the total energy input. The maximum level shall be set out in Part B of Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 1925/2006.

Trans fatty acids are mainly produced in the industrial hardening / partial hydrogenation of fats by high temperatures and are classified as highly damaging to health. Coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes are attributed to the excessive intake of trans fatty acids.