Tips for meat fondue

Now comes the time for a cozy get-together with family and friends. For many people, meat fondue is an integral part of the (pre) Christmas meal plan. That’s why we want to summarize what is most important. Fondue is nothing else but deep-frying in a small scale. The temperatures and thus the demands on the oil are basically the same. The oil should be reasonably heat stable. Although it does not have to last forever, it should be stable enough not to disturb the cozy family meal by annoying smoke and pungent odor. A conventional refined rapeseed oil or sunflower oil are perfectly fine for that. Although solid cooking fats such as palm or coconut fat could be used, from a nutritional physiological point of view, the liquid vegetable oils with a relatively low proportion of saturated fats make more sense. A temperature of 175-180 degrees is ideal for meat fondues. You should be patient and only start when the oil is hot enough, because then the surface closes quickly, the meat remains juicy and not too much fat is absorbed. Acrylamide is not a big issue in this context, as the meat is fried without a breading. Therefore, the basic requirements for the significant formation of acrylamide are not fulfilled. For safety reasons, the meat should be dried well on the outside. Too wet meat causes spattering and foaming of the hot frying oil. Therefore, the pot should only be half filled with oil, so that there is still a little space at the top to absorb expansion and frothing. Have yourselves a cozy pre-Christmas time.