Stable and healthy

Healthy oils are not very stable and stable oils are not very healthy. This circumstance makes the decision for a frying oil to a not too easy task. However, if vegetable oils considered healthy can be subsequently provided with the necessary stability, the choice becomes much more simple. Then not only the price of the product is crucial, but the question of what production time can be achieved with the oil before it must be exchanged. Maxfry®’s plant-based ingredients make it easy to choose a liquid frying oil with nutritionally good properties. Maxfry® ingredients significantly increase stability in the frying process and increase the performance of vegetable oils. This ensures consistently high production quality and a low thermal oxidative load on the products produced. With the stabilizing ingredients of Maxfry®, the production potential of an oil is completely exhausted before it has to be taken out of the production cycle. This saves time, money and makes sense in terms of sustainable raw materials management. If you want to know more, just contact us.