Rules of perfection in deep-frying

It sounds easy: take tasty food and put it into really hot oil, wait until the crust is brown and then enjoy. The truth is much more complex than this. There are a lot of rules to follow if you want to perfectly deep-fry in accordance to the state of science. It begins with the technical equipment. Whether small scale or big scale production – The deep-fryer needs precise temperature control as for example temperature is an important lever with the acrylamide issue. The choice of oil is the next step to take as it is the flavor carrier of the snack and the technical heat transfer medium in the same time. It has to be heat and oxidation stable, nutritionally valuable and not to expensive. The next step is the choice of food to fry and the right preparation. For example frozen food should be freed from big ice adhesions to avoid a strong cool down effect when imersing the food into the oil. This leads to higher oil degradation and longer frying times. For the same reasons the amount of food fried at a time is important. It should never exceed 10-20% of the oil weight to have a good ratio. After deep-frying you should be patient and let the basket hang over the hot oil for a moment longer. Most of the fat consumption with deep-fried food happens after deep-frying while it cools down. The hot air in the capillary of the food surface contracts and pulls surficial oil inside the food. Keeping the food hot for additional times gives the surficial oil a better chance to drip of. The list of things to keep an eye on while deep-frying gets longer and longer. We are happy to help.