Fine or rough-cut French fries?

This question is always discussed with fans of the fried potato sticks. The pleasure factor is just a matter of taste. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to favor the rough variant. The ratio of surface to total volume is more favorable. Like many other cooking methods, deep-frying is a dehydration process. Rough cut French fries contain more moisture than the fine cut ones. During the frying process, the moisture steams out of the fries. This vapor pressure prevents, on the one hand, that the hot oil can release energy to the surface in an uncontrolled manner and burns the fries. On the other hand, the continuous vapor pressure from the inside ensures that the process contaminants formed in the boundary zone, such as acrylamide, cannot easily penetrate the food. Since rough cut French fries contain more moisture, there is enough steam to keep this protective effect until the end of cooking. With fine cut French fries, the vapor pressure decreases faster and more unwanted compounds, but also fat can penetrate the food. Under comparable production conditions, rough cut French fries contain less acrylamide than fine cut ones.