Optimal process through accompanying analytics

Frying oils and fats undergo chemical-physical changes during their use in the food production process. Especially at the beginning of the use of a fat / oil, these changes are very positive for the production result. Only slightly used oil is able to act as an optimal heat transfer medium. The most important control mechanism for checking the oil quality is the person in front of the fryer. The sensory evaluation of the products and the oil always takes precedence over the analytics. If there is a pungent odor from the oil and the oil tastes scratchy, it should in any case be exchanged, even if e.g. the rapid tester for polar compounds indicates harmless values. Available quick tests on the market are a cheap and simple tool to assess the quality of the frying oil at least trendwise and to monitor. When setting / optimizing the process or when irregularities occur in the product quality, however, comprehensive fat analysis with all relevant key figures should always be the measure of choice. Even oils with low levels of polar compounds ( below the limit of 24%) can produce very poor product quality. We are happy to help with comprehensive screenings in setting up and evaluating your process.