Sustainable deep-frying!

The topic of sustainability affects almost every aspect of everyday life. Sustainability is also an important topic in the food sector. The right choice of oil, but also the correct handling contributes to a sustainable way of deep-frying. Oil changes on a daily basis as a result of misled caution, is just wasteful and guarantees low quality level of the deep-fried goods. Not completely fresh oil, but slightly used frying oil leads to the best possible results. Available rapid testers help to find the right time for an oil change.
The use of palm oil-based frying products at first glance brings financial benefits due to the low purchase price and the relatively good inherent stability. From a nutritional physiological point of view, however, its use is not appropriate due to the high proportion of saturated fatty acids. Also, the special technological characteristics of such a product are not necessary for every frying application. Domestic oils have shorter transport routes and can also be used for almost all frying applications. And with the vegetable-based additives of Maxfry®, the stability and use life of liquid frying oils leaves nothing to be desired.