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Sven Seifer | 01.08.2019 | General

There’s no accounting for taste, but even lovers of very dark fried French fries are now aware that this poses… Read more

Sven Seifer | 26.06.2019 | General

Not only when deep-frying, a reasonable handling of the temperature is necessary. The target is to get the best possible… Read more

Sven Seifer | 16.05.2019 | General

As the magazine Chip, citing the DPA, currently reports that international investigators have convicted a group of olive oil deceivers.… Read more

Sven Seifer | 15.05.2019 | General

On April 24th, the EU Commission decided to amend Annex III of EC 1925/2006. The new rules provide that foodstuffs… Read more

Sven Seifer | 07.05.2019 | General

The latest issue of German test magazine “Ökotest” provides unpleasant olive oil test results. Out of 20 tested extra virgin… Read more


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